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A citizen’s response: re press conference on repurchase of WRB’s shares in GRENLEC- hosted by Ministers Bowen and Joseph

1. What necessitated the haste to complete this purchase before a new management team was identified, thus leaving GOG in the exact position it has eschewed ie not wishing to manage the company, and effectively leaving the company rudderless at this point.

2. Acknowledging that the above would be an irresponsible move by GOG, might it not be reasonable to assume that they do in fact have a management company waiting in the wings…perhaps the same one which had offered 40 mil USD for 50% of GRENLEC.

3.Since it had been announced that there had been willing Chinese investors waiting to acquire WRB shares back when Government started agitating against the company, would it be farfetched to enquire if a proposed management Company is Chinese?

4. What was the amount requested by WRB for its 50% shareholding in 2013?

5 What about the 6mil USD in legal fees awarded to WRB by the tribunal? Were these also discounted in the agreement?

6 What was the quantum of legal fees paid and other expenses incurred for Min. Bowen and others in the ill-advised Tribunal appeal by GOG?

7.Since it is unrealistic and improbable that GOG was able to basically park over 200 mill XCD in a piggy bank over 7 years, whilst the islands infrastructure languished, would it not be more realistic to heed the FACT that two Chinese nationals were able to force, by whatever means, a British Airways Passenger Jet, not destined for Grenada on departure from the UK, to divert to Grenada to drop them off…NOW THAT IS POWER…as, it is rumoured, they were carrying the funds necessary to consummate the repurchase of WRB?

8. What legal recourse do the minority shareholders of GRENLEC have to force the GOG to buy them out at the same valuation they/we have just paid for WRB’s shares?

9. How many shares does the GOG intend to sell to the indigenous …ie Non-CBI…citizens of GCPM and at what price.? Is it Chinese CBI “citizens” who will be purchasing these shares?

10. Since Govt owns no crown lands at Levera, and has never paid for most of the lands it acquired illegally to hand over to the original developers, who recently sold all their holdings to a Chinese Company for a reported 35 Million USD, what additional lands do GOG intend to sell. Or did some of the 35 Million USD end up in the GOG piggy bank thus helping to enable the recent purchase of WRB shares? Is this what the Minister is alluding to?

11. Has the GOG 11 million USD guarantee to a US bank on behalf of the original Levera developers been discharged?

12. What would be your estimate of the percentage of Grenadian indigenous citizens who realize that ALL CHINESE COMPANIES are controlled by the CHINESE STATE through the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY and are thus ultimately answerable to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist party?

Poor Grenada… to have escaped from Coard and Bishop and Cuba and Russia to fall right into the jaws of the Chinese from which there will be no escape.

Just Wondering


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