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Ali refutes claim

A statement made on The Real FM radio programme last Sunday is said to be untrue.

The statement was heard from one of the hosts on The Real Issues, who said that Ali Dowden has resigned from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) because he is not pleased with the selection of Ron Redhead as the caretaker for St George North East.

In the 2018 general elections, Dowden was the NDC’s candidate for the constituency of St George North West where he lost to Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell.

Speaking to The Grenadian Voice, Dowden said “I did resign [from the NDC] since August 2021 and it had nothing to do with Ron.”

It was also revealed on Real FM that he has plans to assist Nimrod Ollivierre, the New National Party’s new caretaker for the constituency; but Dowden said, “I have no comments at this time.”

This newspaper has learnt that in 2020 Ron Redhead and Tevin Andrews handed in their resignation

letters to the party, but the letters were never accepted. Andrews, NDC’S chairman and caretaker for

Carriacou and Petite Martinique, is planning to open his office in Hillsborough next month. According to

Orlando Romain, NDC’s public relations officer, no name has been officially released for caretaker of the

St George North East constituency.

However, in a conversation with this newspaper, Romain confirmed reports that Jason Skeete resigned from the 11-week post of chairman of the St George NE branch; but added that he remains committed to the NDC.  

We note with interest part of his letter of resignation which states “I have often said to the party that everyone wants to be the captain of the losing team, but no one wants to be the water boy on the winning side.”

In reference to the deputy leader being on a six-month sabbatical, Romain said he received no such letter from Adrian Thomas. Efforts to reach Thomas for confirmation proved futile.


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