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All restrictions lifted for Spiccemas 2022

Spicemas 2022 will be held without any COVID-19-protocols, along with a new feature.

With the lifting of restrictions as of April 04 by the Government, plan B is in full effect. According to chairman of the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) Ambassador Arley Gill “this means for all Spicemas events there would be no distinction or discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated; in other words, the events would not be held in a bubble. There would not be a need to show a vaccination card or a rapid test result.”

Speaking during a media conference on Wednesday, Gill added that “All shows will be held as per normal, [under] pre-COVID conditions.”

The chairman highlighted that Monday Night Mas on Aug 08 will commence from Morne Rouge (in the

Wall Street area) to the Carenage, instead of around the Tanteen ring road as previously announced in

Plan A.

He noted that Monday Night Mas will include a steelband parade from Kirani James Boulevard to the Carenage preceding the parade of the mas bands. Gill explained that this will provide another platform to engage steelbands along with Panorama.

The parade of the bands, which would not be a competition on Carnival Tuesday (Aug 09), is carded to start from 10 am from Grand Anse to the Carenage. 17 bands have already registered.

The chairman highlighted that Traditional mas display moves back to Victoria, Saint Mark on July 23. Already, 30 bands are registered.

Carnival Monday J’ouvert (Aug 08) returns along the Kirani James Boulevard and in all other parishes. More so, Carnival Tuesday J’ouvert returns in St Patrick and St David.  

Chairman Gill announced that a new feature this year will be a parade of the winners of Spicemas on the Carenage, the Saturday (Aug 13) after Carnival.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the SMC, Kelvin Jacob in outlining the line up of events, shared that the official launch of Spicemas is carded for April 29 at the National Stadium.

He said there would be five Calypso tents including one in Carriacou, with the quarter final judging set for July 12-16. Semifinals will be at Progress Park in Saint Andrew on July 24.

So far, five bands are registered for the Children Carnival Frolic on July 30 at the National Stadium.

Soca Monarch quarter finals are set for July 01-03 at a venue to be announced. The semifinals will be on July 22 at Progress Park.

The proposed date for the Groovy Monarch quarter finals is July 08-10, also at a venue to be announced.

The semifinals will be on July 21 also at Progress Park.

Majestic Wednesday (Queen Show) is set for July 27 at Spice Basket, Beaulieu, Saint George while Pantastic Saturday Ultra (Panorama) will be on Aug 06 at the National Stadium.

Fantastic Thursday (Calypso finals) will be on Aug 04 at Progress Park, followed by Bacchanal Friday (Groovy/Soca Monarch competition) on Aug 05 at the National Stadium.

Canboulay (Cannes Brulees) is set for Sunday (Aug 07) within various villages with food cooking on open fire and Jab Jab preparation and centres are expected to be registered through parish committees where local dishes will be judged.

Jacob informed that the distribution of subventions to parish committees, mas bands and calypso tents has commenced. He invited promoters to apply to host events, pay the necessary fees to obtain a license to get a date for the event.

The CEO said registration for the Soca/Groovy and Calypso competitions closes on May 15.

Gill shared that Spicemas 2022 is budgeted at an estimated $2.7 million.

Though restrictions have been lifted, Gill is advising people to still exercise caution to avoid the COVID-19 situation becoming serious again, which will lead to the SMC resorting to plan A as Government reserves the right to revisit the staging of carnival.

The media conference was held at the National Stadium.


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