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Apparent woes at the Maternity Ward

The Government continues to say “it’s not true” when people speak about the bad conditions at the General Hospital; but a patient told The Grenadian Voice that she is appalled at what women are subjected to at the Maternity Ward at a time when viruses are of great concern.

The young mother-to-be said she screamed and ran out of the bathroom when she saw cockroaches running on the wall. She added that it is strongly believed that patients are getting left over food after observing an incident when they were told that there was no more food, then after collecting the dirty wares, food miraculously appeared for a patient.

“Getting medication for even simple things as Aspirins,” she said “is a big problem since the prescription must be bought in pharmacies outside of the hospital.”

The patient is also questioning why cutlery seems to be scarce at times which leads to patients eating with their bare hands or having to borrow from other patients.

Baby Delivered on Bus

This newspaper has also learned that a patient who had not been attending ante-natal clinic at the Government Health Centres, will be ignored if she turns up at the General Hospital for delivery.

We also learnt that last Friday a woman from Saint David had to be helped by passengers in a bus as she delivered her baby.

Other reports are that the woman who felt that she was going into labour, went to the health clinic in Belle Vue for medical assistance; but she was told by the nurses that there is no ambulance available at the time so she should try to get to the hospital by other means.

The baby made his arrival when the bus reached the Carenage. This newspaper tried to reach the Maternity Unit in Belle Vue by dialing 444 6556 as listed in the telephone directory, for clarity on the procedures there; but the call went unanswered.

On Wednesday, before we closed the paper, we also tried to get a comment on the situation from Dr Carol Mc Intosh, the Director of hospital services but our two tries proved futile.


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