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Aruna says sorry

“I apologise to the individuals concerned because this could have been handled differently,” expressed popular radio personality Aruna Neptune, who was charged with two counts of Damage to Property.
According to a news release from the Police, Aruna, who was in Police custody awaiting bail, was charged on Wednesday (November 25) after reports of her causing damage to a vehicle in the vicinity of Saint George’s, were received.” She is on $5,000 bail.
Reports are that Aruna, who is originally from Saint Andrew but resides at Marian in Saint George, was caught on close circuit camera using a key to cause damage to a female’s vehicle in the parking lot of the woman’s workplace. Aruna also uses that parking lot, which serves employees of the adjacent businesses.
Hosting Thursday’s programme ‘Eddie-Fication’ on Power 95.1 FM, along with guest Eddie Frederick, Aruna took a moment to apologise to her listeners and others about the incident, which became a talking point on social media.
While not giving details for the motive of her action, Aruna said, “Something transpired, my whole thing is ownership, being responsible and mature to say I messed up and in hindsight say I probably should have handled the situation differently….”
The 42-year-old radio personality noted that with her position as a public figure, she understands the disappointment expressed by those who held her in high esteem. “I can safely say I am disappointed in myself on that level because people expect you to vibrate higher, people listen to us every Thursday and they want to take what we say and put it to good use. But at the end of the day, things happen.”
Aruna shared that while it’s sometimes hard to hold oneself to the high standard that others hold them too, “there are things I can do and cannot do because of the position I hold.”
She added, “I accept full responsibility. When you are an adult you are supposed to know how to handle things differently.”
Admitting that some people see her as a role model, Aruna however shared that she doesn’t have a role model but looks up only to herself. She said, “I am human first, before I am a radio personality. I am entitled to mistakes and I grown enough to own up to mistakes, apologise for mistakes and hopefully be better.”
She said this situation would not stop her from being on radio and opinionated on issues “because this is what I do, this is my passion, this is my job…making mistakes and erring do not mean I cannot speak.”
Noting also that the incident may cause her to lose followers, Aruna predicts she may also gain new ones, adding that she is not looking for sympathy from anyone. She said she accepts that she’s now in the spotlight and the public scrutiny and negative comments are expected.


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