Back on the street again


The 65-year-old man from Griffin Lane in Grenville is now back on the streets in Grenville on his damaged wheel-chair.

Arthur David Garrick, deemed disabled after the amputation of his left leg, was taken away by medical personnel and Police Officers on Saturday October 10.  It was confirmed by relatives that he was taken to the General Hospital since his right leg is now infected.

From all appearances, he seems to have received professional medical treatment for the short while he was away. However, come rain or shine he can be seen begging a dollar on the streets.

The man who was a fisherman and also cleaned fish for customers to make a living, encountered difficulty when his leg was damaged by a fish bone. It deteriorated so badly that it had to be amputated.

Relatives have tried to get him off the streets; but to no avail. Speaking to The Grenadian Voice a relative said that it is his choice to live a life of vagrancy being a nuisance to many in Grenville as he moves around in a disheveled condition on a broken wheelchair, begging for money. People are also concerned about his poor hygienic condition as he locates himself near the entrance of business places, giving off bad odour. The relatives are sad that people are blaming them for his condition in their posts on social media.

Garrick, shares a home with his brother, but according to him, he took to living on the streets due to verbal abuse at home after the amputation of his left leg in May of this year.

The wheelchair, which is now in bad condition, was given to him by the hospital after the amputation. Garrick said that his chair is vandalised by people when he sleeps.


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