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Big Thanks to Swim Week Volunteers

By Deb Eastwood, Director Grenada Youth Adventurers (GYA)

Organizers of the “Republic Learn to Swim Week” were a little concerned when they realized the number of swimmers signing up for last week’s event.  It was Grenada’s first major event since the lockdown, and it was obvious that children and adults alike were ready to be out and doing something purposeful. Gratefully, the volunteer turnout was just as strong, and the need was met as swimmers broke all-time records at each location. More adults than ever before also showed up with 126 of them in the total count of 747. 

Volunteers came out from the cruisers who had recently arrived in Grenada, from a whole community of teenagers, from our SGU faculty and students still on island, from the dive shops and more. Last minute sponsorships from Glenelg and Star Malt helped to keep everyone hydrated. 

Big shout out to GRENED, a Grenville non-profit organisation devoted to helping youth, who organized buses so students could be taken to La Sagesse for lessons. 

One highlight of the week was one young instructor, Zac Holmes, a National swimmer for Grenada, brought 50 of his medals and gave one to every swim student at his La Sagesse site. The children were thrilled. 

For those who missed the week, or wish to continue their training, free lessons will continue Saturdays at the following locations: 

  • Grand Anse  – 9 am in front of Umbrellas,  Alex Calderon 423-0855  
  • Birchgrove – 9 am at Mellows Complex, Lovell Alexander 416-1226
  • Grand Mal – 9 am (in front of the Go Cool Steps),  Camme Roberts 417-8399
  • Grenada Marine 9 am (Sat & Tues) in Corinth, Saint Davids, Catherine John 459-2393
  • Gouyave – 12-2 pm at Fish Market, Sharm Ashton 422-9893
  • Waltham Beach – 3-5 pm (Sat) 4-6 pm (Tue/Thurs) in Saint Marks, Korah Ashby 410-0208

A special thank you to Republic Bank who was the major sponsor of this week.  For more info on free swim programs, go to or call Deb Eastwood at 404-5237 or email 


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