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Boyfriend charged with Non-Capital Murder

49-year old Mitch Phillip is expected to make his first court appearance today at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court, after he is accused of intentionally causing the death of his girlfriend Shennel Alexis, by unlawful harm.

The Joiner of Queen Street, Victoria, Saint Mark was arrested and formally charged on Wednesday (June 24, 2020) with Non-Capital Murder.

Alexis, who was pronounced dead at the General Hospital about one month ago, lived with Phillip in St Mark.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) launched an investigation into Alexis’ death, after her family members did not accept that her death was due to natural causes.

Two autopsies were conducted on her body.

Relatives advanced that she was not known to be sick and that her male companion did not readily reach out to the family about her death. Also, they charged he was not forthcoming with cohesive information surrounding her death.

Phillip was taken into police custody for questioning soon after Alexis’ death, but he was later released.

A source close to the family told this newspaper that Alexis was a victim of domestic violence. In quoting her older sister, the source said that there was no blood on her body when they got to the hospital. Alexis, who is originally from Mardi Gras in St Paul’s, St George, is mother of two.


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