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Breakthrough in Unsolved homicide

So the Police community policing is working and making the Acting Commissioner proud. He recently announced that there is a new group of Police in that area. Congratulations Sir for recognizing the tardiness in those that you have replaced. They could not find a trace of a woman who recently went missing from Mardi Gras. It is our hope that these new men will uncover that story too.
After all, some years ago another woman went missing in the Munich area and to date that case remains cold. The stories are somewhat similar in that they were both said to be senile and living with relatives. Munich is a strong Catholic area and would like to give their dead a proper funeral, in the event that the person was killed.
Thanks to the new group of Police they found some semblance of closure to an eight year-old case by arresting and charging two Saint Mark’s residents for the 2012 murder of the 78-year-old man of Non-Pariel who was found dead in November 2012. The poor man who returned from Egland to spend his last years in the warmth of Grenada, was killed and his house burnt. What a catastrophe? These kind of crimes must stop in our beautiful little island. These wicked men must be stopped from preying on the elderly.
I am really looking forward to hearing something about poor Miss Mungo from Mardi Gras. Officers kudos to you for your work thus far. Keep up the good work!


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