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CARICOM condemns the assassination of Haitian President

The Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM strongly denounce the assassination of the President of Haiti Jovenel Moise.

CARICOM met in a special emergency session on Wednesday July 07, in the wake of what is referred to as an abhorrent and reprehensible act that comes at a time of deep turmoil and institutional weakness in Haiti.  

They called for the perpetrators to be apprehended and brought to justice, and for law and order to prevail.

A government’s press release in reference to the killing states, “In accordance with its values, as expressed in its Charter of Civil Society, the Caribbean Community does not settle its differences by violence which undermines democracy and the rule of law, but peacefully through dialogue and recourse to democratic institutions.”

In light of Haiti’s Membership of CARICOM and the family ties that bind the people of Haiti and CARICOM together, CARICOM expressed its willingness to play a leading role in facilitating a process of national dialogue and negotiation to help the Haitian people and their institutions to craft an indigenous solution to the crisis.

Concern was also expressed over the condition of the President’s wife, First Lady, Her Excellency Martine Moise, who was gravely wounded in the attack.

The people of Haiti are called upon to remain calm and unite at this moment of national peril.

Heads of Government extend condolences to the family of President Moise, and the Government and People of Haiti.

As a mark of respect, the Member States of the Community and the CARICOM Secretariat will fly their national flags and the CARICOM Standard at half-mast for three days, as well as on the day of the funeral.

Meanwhile, the First Lady, Her Excellency Martine Moise, who was gravely wounded in the attack and was hospitalized has since succumbed to her injuries.


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