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Clean up our minds too!

Thank you NDC for the clean-up drive which however is not a new idea since other governments have also embarked on the mission of physically cleaning up Grenada. This idea goes back as far as under the Grenada United Labour Party.

As a senior citizen, I am qualified to speak on the different approaches to control garbage that I have witnessed in my lifetime; some have worked while others stand wanting for revisiting. We have moved from the old days of dumping everything at the back of our homes to bagging them and placing them at collection points. There was a time that a company WAMMAS was the main collector. We saw the commotion that followed when that contract changed hands to ONE CALL.

Today, that lucrative job of collecting garbage, has been placed in the hands of various collectors with some big names being called. So one expects a modern up-scale approach to collecting garbage. But what do we see? Today more and more houses are being built in areas that cannot be reached by those huge garbage trucks. So people are creating unofficial dumpsites which only help to create rodents and will only be served when people take to the media to talk about the unbearable situation. Shouldn’t these companies equip themselves with smaller vehicles to serve the side roads where new communities are developing?

My question is which ministry is really looking after garbage collection in the island? I ask because I think there are so many implications for health problems when garbage is not managed properly, that the Ministry of Health should be concerned.

Collecting the garbage may not be the real problem. I think the problem is on educating people to change their mindset on how things were done in the past when as long as the garbage was not on our property we don’t care. So we cut our grass and clean our yard and shove it over to the adjoining property. We still throw things in our rivers and even bathe our animals in them with little care on how people are using it downstream.

Let’s clean up our minds and get rid of those selfish ways that are holding us back while we clean up our surroundings.



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