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Enabling an atmosphere conducive for crime

In the past we have raised our concern over the carelessness in speech and behaviour of our politicians and adults across the board who seem to be unaware that the subtle messages they pass on can lead young people down bad roads. Again we shall raise firstly, the point of carelessly adopting names of places with questionable reputation to refer to places in our beautiful Spice Isle. These are names such as Baghdad, Saigon, The Bronx, and Trench Town frequently used by politicians and sometimes even police. Then again, businesses such as Sin City and Rebel have been accepted without complain; but what is the connotation here? Isn’t there a saying that we learn what we live?

It is our belief that most of our young people would like a good life for themselves, and there are many of them; we see them at church, school and on their daily jobs. Our star athlete Kirani James and Minister Keryene James both are shining examples of being born in Gouyave, an area bombarded by negativity. But, like a beacon they broke the stereotype and are shining brightly; we are sure that there are more who time will reveal.  This newspaper will never blame those who have fallen by the wayside, since most times they are unconsciously steered down that path. How many of us knew that we will live to hear of school children gambling and drinking alcohol during school hours. Thank you Mr Kenny James, the new principal of GBSS for believing in the young men that you found gambling and marched them back to the school. It is our hope that you will continue with the herculean task of changing their mindset.

The Revolution which followed up on Uncle Gairy’s efforts to keep the youth in check, only lasted roughly three years as it ended in 1983. Putting this in context, most of our young adults who make up the workforce today, were born after that period. They simply cannot imagine a Grenada with only two people in jail for murder. We are sure the name Bryner will ring a bell to some of the older folk. He was one of the two and lived in the jail until his end. Those were the days when prison life was not a good one and people tried their best to avoid becoming a jail-bird.

What we are seeing today is an overcrowded prison with quite a few murderers among the inmates who are young people who seem not to care; so some of them are repeat offenders. Like the Pied Piper, the prison is now taking our children away from us. In examining the crimes, the toughest of parents may sometimes shudder as they ask themselves “where did I go wrong with that lovely little bundle of joy I took home after birth?” Truth be told, is that while most parents see to material needs, are we paying attention to their psychological and spiritual growth? The old parents have a saying “Little donkeys have big ears.” They knew then that children should not be exposed to adult conversation because their young minds are not developed enough to process that kind of material properly. As a result children knew their places so when their parents had visitors they automatically went outside to play with friends. Those were the ideal days when children attended Sunday school in the village churches, had chores at home to help them to become disciplined, took part in extra curriculum classes at school and basically were very proud when they did well.

How times have changed! Maybe the old saying “Live fast and die young,” is playing out right before our eyes.

Sometime ago a video with a young boy in school uniform fighting with the police in Saint George’s made the rounds in social media. That boy have since passed on to the great beyond because, as bad luck would have it, he was one of the two people who died in the recent bike accident. This week we heard of a shooting incident which left one young man dead. It is reported that he was the leader of a violent gang and recently was released from prison after serving time for dangerous crimes. One may say “he lived by the gun and he died by it.” But, parents are hurting as we pick up stories of them weeping and wailing. It is believed that he was the son of a woman police officer. Well, while she solved the nation’s problems by keeping people within the law, she maybe be asking “where did I go wrong?” There is also another young man living a life of vagrancy in the Sugar Mill area who proudly states that his mother is a police officer. Is there any support the police force can give to these busy parents to assist them in keeping their children in check?

The incident with the brother who encountered his 13-year-old runaway sister on the hospital compound last week, was heart-breaking. While he held on to her to take her back to a grieving mother who he said was crying all the time and can’t sleep at nights, he frantically got out of control and had to be taken away by the police. As we look at enabling, was any one arrested for harbouring that young girl from whom a good stock of condoms fell in the scramble with her brother?

This country needs a timely intervention to save our youth!


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