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Engineer unhappy with COVID-19 protocol

A local engineer and building contractor says the protocol for construction workers which must be adhered to, is giving him a headache.

The engineer said he does not have a problem with the 6-foot social distancing and providing safety kits with masks, and a hand sanitizer for each worker. He also agrees with the call for construction sites to be cleaned at the end of the working day and all waste and disposable protective personal equipment be removed and securely disposed of as the cleaning guide provided.

 He noted that the measures will reduce many unhygienic practices which are common place on construction sites.

But the extra measures come with an added cost, the engineer said. He also lamented the fact that contractors must provide transportation for the workers. “Take my workers for example, I am coming from the north then I have men in Grenville and Saint David. To get them all to a project in Saint George’s and back home after work is a real big problem,” he said.

While some construction sites have resumed work, others are closed for the time.

The protocol came into effect May 11, 2020, where construction companies were required to submit a letter to or and copied to informing of the intention to reopen construction sites.

The letter should provide information on the name of the company and contact number, the location of the site and the number of workers to be involved. A Government official would then visit the site to make sure the protocol is adhered to and a certificate of inspection will be posted on the site.

Failure to comply can result in the construction work being stopped and the contractor fined.


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