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Every Prime Minister should have a succession plan

Making one of his most far-reaching Cabinet reshuffles, Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Mitchell has, once again, referred to the importance of a succession plan.

“A true leader must have a sound succession plan that adequately prepares future leaders to seamlessly take over the reins of leadership,” he told the nation on Sunday, September 13; reiterating comments in his August 17 national address when he said he believes the “true value” of a leader is often determined “by the soundness of his succession plan.”

While the Prime Minister has traditionally made changes to his Cabinet midway into terms while leading the country from 1995 to 2008 and again since 2013, his announcements on Sunday made adjustments to the portfolio mix in all but two Ministries; the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Information and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and Local Government. With the exception of Hon Emmalin Pierre and Hon Kindra Maturine-Stewart, who lead the two above-mentioned Ministries respectively, and Senator Winston Garraway, all other Cabinet members will take on new or additional portfolios when the appointments go into effect next month.

The Prime Minister told the nation that the change will result in more effectiveness to the management of government.

“This change is more about facilitating personal growth and development, and allowing Ministers to become more versatile, by managing different portfolios and most importantly, enabling government to become more efficient in handling the affairs of the state.”

 The Prime Minister decided on the change recognising that Grenada is “living in the COVID-19 period, and as such, they are expected to enhance our successful control of the virus.”

He explained that in addition to re-assigning Ministers to different Ministries and portfolios, “in some instances, I have separated the portfolios included in some Ministerial assignments and placed them with others.”

Following is a list of the Cabinet and portfolio changes:

The Prime Minister will become Minister of National Security, Youth Development, Disaster Management and Information Communication Technology (ICT) and will head the departments of Public Administration and Home Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Ministry.

Hon Pamela Moses will become the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with special responsibility for Needy Assistance, Uniform Allowance, Special Projects and ICT. 

Hon Kate Lewis will become the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with special responsibility for Youth Development.

Senator the Hon Winston Garraway will become Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with special responsibility for Disaster Preparedness.

Hon Gregory Bowen will become Minister of Finance, Public Utilities, Energy, Physical and Economic Development.

Senator the Hon Norland Cox will become Minister of Infrastructure Development, Transport and Implementation.

Hon Peter David will become Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Lands and Labour.

Hon Oliver Joseph will become Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and CARICOM Affairs.

Hon Alvin Da Breo will become Minister of Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs.

Hon Yolande Bain Horsford will become Minister of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Co-operatives and Fisheries.

Hon Nickolas Steele will remain Minster of Health and Social Security.

Hon Delma Thomas will remain Minister of Housing, Community Development and Social Services; and will have responsibility for Hospital Services to support the Minister of Health.

Hon Dr Clarice Modeste Curwen will become Minister of Civil Aviation, Tourism, Climate Resilience and the Environment.

Senator the Hon Simon Stiell will have specific responsibility for Climate Resilience and the Environment.


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