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Family requests new date for Elvin Nimrod’s funeral in Carriacou

The official funeral for the late Elvin Nimrod, former Deputy Prime Minister, which was planned for Friday, March 12, 2021, has been postponed. 

A new date will be announced for the Parliamentarian, who was born in Brunswick, Carriacou and will be laid to rest in his homeland, a place that he said he would die for. Nimrod, who is being described by the government as a warrior for the advancement and positive development of the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, passed away in the United States on February 06 at age of 77 where he was seeking medical attention for a long illness.

According to a Government announcement “the postponement was done at the request of a close family member, who arrived on island too late to complete the mandatory seven-day quarantine. Based on a deep desire to attend the funeral in person, the request for postponement was made to the Government on Thursday night. Government must therefore respect the wishes of the family since its role is only to facilitate an official funeral for the late former Deputy Prime Minister. Government will advise of a new date, once this has been agreed upon by the family”.

While the body was transported on Wednesday, March 10, from Grenada to Carriacou, in keeping with another direct request by a member of his family, there was no public viewing. However, Parliamentarians were afforded a private viewing of their former colleague last Friday.

Thursday March 11 saw a special sitting of the Supreme Court of Grenada to commemorate the life and service of the late Elvin Nimrod who was an attorney by profession. In keeping with the COVID-19 protocols members of the Bar Association wore masks and kept the physical distance as they highlighted changes in the legal profession and significant pieces of legislation that were his initiatives.

Dia Forrester who was recently appointed as Grenada’s first female Attorney General said “I want his family to know that the judicial system and people of Grenada are better off for his many years of Service. …He was true to the law and he was resolute in his dispensation of prudent council. I am told that there were no spins with Mr Nimrod.”

Queens Council Dr Francis Alexis shared earlier memories of the late Nimrod being a quiet student who was always smiling in school “He was my senior at the Grenada Boys Secondary school (GBSS) in the 60s and so as a junior I was not in his circumference so to speak… I remember how he stood his ground quietly and tenaciously.”

Hon Kindra Maturine-Stewart, an attorney who took over from Nimrod to represent Carriacou and Petite Martinique after the 2018 general elections, said she praised him for his humanity and humility to his fellow human beings which contributed to his success in office.

“During the time that my brother spent on earth, he followed faithfully the words of his school song … and I quote from the second stanza – to be in the band is not all; each has to play his role. The team wins the match at football though one man must kick the goal. Brother Nimrod was an excellent team player.”

Meanwhile, the permission granted for the half-day closure of Government offices in Carriacou today (March 12) has been withdrawn, pending the new date of the funeral.


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