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Freak accident leaves one dead

The details of what caused the death of a young farmer in the village of Belle Isle, Saint David are not known as no eyewitnesses came forward.

According to reports, Vivian Felix was apparently using a chain saw, which was found at the scene, to clear some lands when he was killed by a fallen tree. His body was found pinned to the ground.

The gruesome discovery was made by his friends who were awaiting him to finalise arrangements for a cook in the village. As time passed and there was no show, they decided to go and look for him and met the unexpected.

Ken Martin Whiteman, a close friend of the deceased, said in local news Monday that Felix probably died earlier in the morning. “We saw his container with his food on a stone [where he placed it]… then I saw a fallen tree on the hill with its branches not cut and when we went up there he was pinned to the ground so I called his family and the police who arranged for a doctor,” he said.

“It was a huge Cakoli tree and I think he misjudged the direction in which the tree was going to fall,” Whiteman added.

The 52-year-old farmer, was known for cultivating short crops and according to his friends will be remembered for his easy way of life.


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