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Government looking to provide reliable public transportation

A major study on the transportation sector in Grenada and the region is to be conducted to determine how Government can ensure that there is public transport available at all times.

This was disclosed by the Minister for Transport and Implementation, Hon Gregory Bowen, during Tuesday’s post Cabinet briefing.

Referencing how COVID-19 impacted that sector, Minister Bowen said, “If you look at those countries with public transportation, they came out, they had to be there so that the public can get transportation. We are not saying the construct should be public/private, it can be a limited number of public vehicles plying so that at least after a pandemic, a health crisis, you can have some [transportation].”

He also suggested that the arrangement can be a private person undertaking such an initiative “but who cannot say in the agreement that I will not operate, who must operate in a pandemic, obviously with the help of the Ministry of Health and the protective equipment so they can function.”  

While the Minister did not state which body/s will undertake the study, he said it will comprise “the rates, and all that the bus operators are requesting for now.”

At the onset of COVID-19, bus operators on some routes in Grenada ceased operations for fear of their safety.

However, with the protocols calling for less passengers in buses to control the spread of COVID-19, most bus operators withheld their services and called on Government to provide financial and other assistance to combat their loss from the reduced number of passengers.  

Following an agreement, public transportation resumed with Government helping with sanitising solutions and now some businesses are offering discounts on mechanical parts and other items.

Similar challenges were faced by governments within the region with bus operators.


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