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Government says video of quarantine facility is misleading

The Government wishes to assure the public that it will never take the decision to place individuals in compromising situations, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This follows the circulation of a video on social media which exposes a building used for quarantine as sub-standard.

A GIS press release states “Government of Grenada makes it categorically clear that the parts of the facility shown, in the video in circulation, are not currently used for quarantine purposes and the circulation of this video is therefore extremely misleading.”

The Grenadian Voice obtained a copy of the video and agrees that the areas shown seem to be abandoned parts of the building. However, we learnt that facilities selected for quarantine have, and will always be examined by the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Health, to ensure that the areas assigned are suitable and safe for those occupying them.

However it was confirmed in local news that it was after the video was released that the Public Relations Officer Keville Frederick, was sent to investigate the building. Frederick said that upon reaching the building he was verbally attacked and his life was threatened by one of the people who was placed there in quarantine. He said the issue is now in the hands of the Police.

The Government of Grenada has made it clear in previous communication that prior to travelling to Grenada, Carriacou, & Petite Martinique during the COVID-19 pandemic, all returning nationals, among other travelers, must book at a state-approved quarantine facility, at their own cost.

The Ministry of Health has worked with the Ministry of Tourism and the Grenada Tourism Authority to provide a list of inspected and certified accommodations which can be found at

The GIS release states “In very few cases, there have been people who have indicated that due to financial constraints, they are unable to meet the cost of the facilities on the list provided, which range from small guest houses to hotels. In this regard, the Government of Grenada secured a facility to meet the needs of individuals who did not utilize the sliding scale quarantine arrangements.”

The Government’s position is that this development can have negative implications for vulnerable individuals in the future, who may not be able to afford the other state-approved quarantine facility options available.


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