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Guest Editorial – Thanks for your kindness Mr Steele, but…

The concern and probable empathy shown by Minister Steele recently, certainly looks good for him as a politician. But should our politicians involve themselves in every situation or are they not missing out on an opportunity for photo ops? In a recent post cabinet briefing, the Minister of Health, Hon Nickolas Steele was beaming with pride as he revealed the long hours he spent at the General Hospital’s laboratory to lend support to the workers as they were called upon to work overtime. It’s a little puzzling as to why he was even there, since hospital services were handed over to another Minister not long ago.

In Minister’s Steele’s words “I spent the morning with them personally because they were being asked to provide yeoman’s duty and I figured as Minister I am asking members of my team to perform said duty that I should be there with them.” The Minister revealed that he was there in the lab up to 3 O’ clock in the morning. He also took the time to boast that the lab is in the brand new phase two building; but he revealed the truth that there are no beds and couches there because it is a lab.

He made the observation that normally the lab technicians and other personnel are not expected to be working such long hours recognising that they did work those extra hours including Christmas Day some of them and Boxing Day. A medical worker who would like to remain anonymous said that she hopes the union that represents the workers are taking note of that to ensure that the extra hours worked are enumerated.  The Minister admitted that it was not the most comfortable of situations but he was there with them until they left the building on most nights. “I was just as tired because I stayed on my feet with them. I am not a lab technician but I wanted to be there with them and other members of my team were there as well including members from the travel desk”.

A favourable statement from Minister Steele is that he will not be asking the lab technicians to continue with these long hours as he promised to make various adjustments with additional shifts or so. But being a politician time will have to tell on that one.

Again the Minister of Health found it necessary to be on site on Tuesday to observe the clearing of the area in the Limes where a mentally ill man stores his ‘precious findings.’ He confirmed that “the house is completely cleared, the property is completely cleared as he thanked all of those who volunteered to assist. It is our hope that with all those viruses around these days everyone was well equipped and protected for the task.  It is also our hope that the Social Development workers and others in the community are trained enough to deal with a mentally ill man whose preference is to live in garbage. The reality is that without professional medical treatment, the hoarder may not be comfortable in the new clean surroundings of his house since that’s not his comfort zone. In fact he may be alarmed that people have taken away his precious findings which may lead to another state of confusion in his mind.

Politicians must leave some situations entirely up to the professionals instead of showing up themselves as ‘Jack of all trade.’ As citizens we need them to stay calm and get enough rest so that they will be able to make the right policies to govern us. But it seems that the campaign is on and so they are not missing out on an opportunity to look good in the media. Minister Steele try not to overwork yourself unnecessarily; show a little faith in the Permanent Secretary and other highly paid workers to do the task as you focus on good governance.


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