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He who laughs last

The issue of regional air transportation has dominated our news recently.  This morning I understood that an OECS non-state organisation was having its conference in Miami.  Miami???!!!!  I was advised that the availability of region flights was a problem.  Therefore Miami was chosen.  Makes sense another said!!!  

Well the “powerful sector” got its wish!  LIAT is no more. That sector has wished it on LIAT for many years.  Please find attached featuring the former Guru of tourism in Grenada.  No irreverence or offence intended to the departed.

Some regional governments (or perhaps it may be more correct to say regional political figures) also wished LIAT out of existence.   They were soooo smart!!   I trust that they too are happy!

My mother used to say “he who laughs last, laughs best!!”

I am a LIAT diehard!  I lament its demise and thank LIAT and its staff for their dedicated service to our region. 

These  links are articles  re  LIAT

By Sandra C A Ferguson


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