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Help Dennis Clarke with cancer treatments

Trevor Blake and Ayanna Williams have organised a fundraiser to meet a target of $140,000 in a bid to cover the cost of medical treatment for a former civil servant.

In a touching post on social media, his brother has reached out to the public for help.

“This is my brother Dennis. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Duodenal Follicular Lymphoma) in September of 2019. This is a life threatening condition.

Unfortunately, Dennis lives in Grenada, an island in the Caribbean, which does not have the necessary medical equipment and resources to properly treat him for this condition.

He is a retired Civil Servant who spent 29 years serving the people of Grenada as Permanent Secretary of various Government Ministries.

In 2019 he exhausted his resources to go to the US where he underwent diagnostic testing in order to receive his diagnosis; so for the recommended medical treatment he would have to travel to the US. Dennis has recently taken a turn for the worse and was hospitalized for emergency treatment.

The need for him to receive the necessary treatment has become more urgent.

He has a wife and two children who love and rely on him.  I pray that you find it in your heart to support him in his desire to keep on living to continue to support his family and contribute to his community and the island nation where he lives. I also ask that you pray for a full recovery for Dennis.”

Anyone interested in helping the campaign to reach its target can Read more here


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