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Help needed to identify human remains

The Police are yet to identify the decomposed human remains found in Mardi Gras, Saint David up to press time Friday.

The news broke on January 19 that the remains were sighted in the bushes and this attracted a team of Police Officers to the area.

According to reports the discovery was made by a small dog who accompanied his owner to the wooded area to tend to his sheep.

“I wanted to teach my dog to hunt; so after tying out the animals, I decided to give it a walk in the bush. The dog left me behind and went up the hill then I noticed it stopped and was looking at something in the bushes then was looking at me,” the owner said.

He then followed the dog and disclosed that he saw a head. “So I said that if it’s a head then a body must be there.” So he ran to the Police who made him submit a report on his findings.

While it is widely suspected that the human remains were that of 78-year-old Cecillia Mungo who went missing on Tuesday January 07, 2020. All efforts by relatives and friends proved futile. After doing parts of Mardi Gras and Mt Maitland, their search took them as far as Bacolette, Red Gate and Vincennes in Saint David. 

A distraught daughter could not identify items including a watch and remains of clothing found on the site, since she said she doesn’t know what her mother was wearing on the day she disappeared.

However, shortly after Cecillia went missing last year her daughter revealed that she may have been wearing a pink dress or a white Tee-shirt  and blue and white slippers.

It was reported that she was last seen on that fateful day between 8-8:30 am by a neighbour who spotted her in a flower garden.

A reward of two thousand dollars was offered by the relatives to anyone with information that can lead to her recovery.

Speaking in local news the Police revealed that the remains will be taken for forensic assistance outside of Grenada.


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