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How did we get here?

This week we applaud the Prime Minister for spearheading the call for a collaborative effort to come up with solutions to quell the the many sad, violent events that are being committed by some adults and young people. His hope is to get all stakeholders on board to brainstorm for the greater good of Grenada. The fairly new prime minister who is also the Minister for National Security, has shared his opinion in a recent national address, that the evolving local, regional and global dynamics of crime and violence necessitates a collaborative mechanism for monitoring and developing proactive preventative strategies.

Given the importance of a collaborative approach to finding a solution, Prime Minister Mitchell has a series of consultations planned for the next coming weeks and has extended a special invitation to the leader and members of His Majesty’s Opposition to join in this endeavor. Also young people, churches, educators, non-governmental organisations, including community leaders, community groups and activists, law enforcement officers and the prison authorities, the labour and trade unions, the business and private sector, health sector workers, in particular mental and community health workers are invited onboard with their input in the development of a comprehensive national security plan to ensure that Grenada remains a safe, secure and stable society. Shouldn’t the announcers and disc jockeys be part of the discussion too, since they are the ones who play distasteful songs promoting violence? Also should every newscast begin with a very graphic negative story which seemingly makes the perpetrators heroes? This newspaper has learnt that the Opposition Party (NNP) had a meeting organised last Friday on the issue which again is a good move since the issue should be everyone’s concern. It is our hope that at the end of the day, the question –How did we get here? Will be answered by many.

The nine-year-old calypsonian who was crowned in the junior show on Saturday, could not be more relevant as he rendered a timely song, stating that the competition was not about crown nor money; but that the focus should be on protecting the children who are growing up in a world where parents and adults are constantly setting bad examples. It is a true statement that children are products of their environment. But where are the songs from the junior show? Why are they not aired? Then again two contestants at the National Queen Show expressed concern about mental illness plaguing the youth. One medical doctor who worked at the Mt Gay Mental Hospital said that he strongly believes the consumption of drugs which starts with marijuana is the root cause. Then again there is the issue of the consumption of a lot of alcohol being accepted as part of our culture. Yet we are asking ‘Why would a young boy violently attack a police officer who was trying to break up a fight in Grenville? In another incident a teenager was seen running through the bus terminal in Grenville firing live bullets at another one in broad daylight. In both instances the boys ran to a place called Trench Town which, from reports, seems to be a nesting ground for crime. By virtue of the name locally given to the area, one can easily form a visual picture of activities there. This newspaper has learnt that in a discussion on a popular radio programme, someone revealed that some young men from River Sallee are preparing for an onslaught on Carnival Monday in revenge for one of their friends who was stabbed to death at Sauteurs. We await the police being pro-active on this one, maybe some people should get a time-out for the two days as in the past, in a bid to allow responsible Revelry. Examples must be set!
The jab jab has seemingly won the war and has found a rightful place in our Carnival to promote

immorality which may have seeped into other fancy bands; but again most of the young people who were born in the last thirty years cannot relate to a different Grenada that was a safer and nicer place. Today’s youth live with violence in the air. If a child takes a bus to school why should he or she be exposed to loud violent music and pornography? There are some parents who are trying their best in bringing up their children well; but unfortunately the wheat must grow with the chaff at times.  
The prime minister, in his address, called on all to uphold values of respect for one another during Spicemas. He even left ten tips to follow -1 Hospitality, 2 Tolerance, 3 Moderation, 4 Vigilance, 5 Cooperation, 6 Be Responsible, 7 Respect, 8 Show Compassion, 9 Be Safe and 10 Enjoy – Embrace the spirit of joy, positivity, and harmony that is Carnival.
Let’s make Spicemas 2023 a resounding success—be responsible, be safe and have an
enjoyable Carnival.

It is our hope that good sense will prevail and the crime rate for the season will be low. Millions of people gathered for Caribana recently in Canada and there were no news of violence. Can we reciprocate that gesture?


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