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Huggins clears the air: No access to confidential MoneyGram information

Geo. F. Huggins and Company (Grenada) Limited categorically states that they function solely as the agent,
in the State of Grenada, for the MoneyGram branded Money Transfer Service. The public should note
that the sending or receiving of money transfers via MoneyGram uses proprietary software licensed to
MoneyGram International which prevents external parties from accessing the identities or amounts of
funds being transferred by way of rigorous security measures such as the use of reference numbers. Geo.
F. Huggins & Company (Grenada) Ltd. has absolutely no ability to flag or block persons or transactions in
the MoneyGram system in order to deny any customer from sending or receiving his or her funds.
MoneyGram International is a corporation based in the United States with headquarters located in Dallas,
Texas. They have been in existence for over 80 years.
Persons who are circulating claims on various digital platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook that
allude to Huggins’ involvement in blocking, or tampering with in any way, customers access to their funds
should cease to do so immediately as these statements are not only categorically untrue but may be
viewed as damaging and libellous to the reputation of Geo. F. Huggins & Company (Grenada) Ltd.
Huggins, a 100% Grenadian owned business, with 80% employee shareholders, takes pride on its well
proven track-record of honesty in business, transparency and integrity for over 100 years. The company
retains the right to defend its reputation using all available legal channels at its disposal.


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