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India gets its nationals home from Grenada

As part of repatriation efforts, the Government of India and the High Commission of India to Trinidad and Tobago, with the kind permission of the Government of Grenada, flew 20 Indian nationals home on a specially arranged chartered flight on Tuesday July 14.

The passengers were mainly students and professors from St George’s University along with a few tourists who had been caught up on the Island during the COVID-19 lock-down. The Jet Air flight set out from the Maurice Bishop International Airport collecting passengers to be repatriated from Trinidad and Tobago and Curacao, before flying on to New Delhi and Bombay in India.

During this unprecedented health crisis the Government of India initiated an emergency repatriation programme with yesterday’s charter marking one of many flights successfully organised to bring Indian Nationals home.

The passengers thanked both governments of Grenada and India and the High Commission and Honorary Consul for this wonderful opportunity to go home. They also expressed gratitude for the constant support they received during the crisis and the smooth arrangements undertaken by the High Commission of India, making it possible to reunite with families in their home country.

The Honorary Consul of India to Grenada, Ms Shadel Nyack Compton was at MBIA to say farewell and she wished the passengers well on their journey back to India.

While in Grenada, constant contact with Indian Nationals by the High Commission and Honorary Consul had been maintained throughout the curfew to ensure their safety and wellbeing and any support required was organised swiftly.

As they left the Spice Isle for their homeland, passengers also expressed gratitude to government for their expert handling of the coronavirus pandemic and for ensuring the ongoing health and safety of everyone in Grenada and expressed their deep appreciation of Grenada’s hospitality, support and friendship during this crisis.


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