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Join the Commonwealth conversation

“In this time of great upheaval and uncertainty, it is vital that the people of the Commonwealth make their voices heard.” That is the message from Commonwealth Foundation Director General Dr Anne Gallagher as a new virtual event series is launched.

Called ‘Critical Conversations’ the series invites the 2.4 billion citizens of Commonwealth countries to discuss “the big, important questions of our age.”

“Our world is in a state of instability and change unprecedented in human history. This is creating unimagined opportunities but also causing great disruption and uncertainty. We need much better ideas—and more powerful, diverse voices—to hold ourselves and our governments to account. We need these voices and ideas to lead the transformation of systems and attitudes that entrench inequality and marginalise so many,” Dr Gallagher states in her online letter inviting people to register. The series will feature panellists, with the first conversation scheduled for October 20.

Citizens are asked to consider such questions as: “How do we harness the best of humanity—the forces of love, compassion, equality, and justice—to advance our common future and protect our planet? How do we acknowledge the past in ways that advance a common vision for the future? How do we work together to build or re-fashion our institutions so that they support a world that leaves no one behind?”

The Foundation is the Commonwealth agency for civil society; “a unique, stand-alone organisation established by, funded by, and reporting to governments … dedicated to strengthening people’s participation in all aspects of public dialogue, to act together and learn from each other to build democratic societies,” according to its website


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