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Keep your foot on the pedal

By Melisse Ogilvie, Social Worker

The first half of the year has been difficult for us in many ways. It came with unexpected twists and turns that affected us in one way or another, emotionally, financially and socially.  

Many of us would have looked forward to the start of 2020 with great anticipation, as it provided a chance for a new beginning, a fresh start, a do over. We may have made resolutions or even set goals to accomplish during this year.

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and we could choose whether we allow it to derail us or give us a renewed momentum towards those goals. It afforded us a period of retrospection and re-evaluation of our life and what is truly important. It should have given us the time to reflect on our words and actions and the importance of keeping the commitments we made to ourselves–the goals that we set at the beginning of the year.

As we enter the last six months of the year, there is still hope, there is still time to lose that weight, save money, take that course, apply for that job or just be intentional about taking care of your emotional and relational needs and that of your family.

I’d like to share some ideas that you can apply to keep you focused.

Be purpose driven: You must have a why! Your why could simply be your health, your children and the legacy you want to leave behind. The type of life you want to live could also be your motivation.

Have tunnel vision: There are times we are easily distracted by our own thoughts, people and circumstances. For instance, a breakup or death of a loved one may momentarily cause you to ‘comfort eat’ as you deal with this. Then this period extends and instead of moving towards your weight loss goals, you are moving further away from it. Let’s keep focused.

Be extraordinary: Our society has too many people satisfied with the culture of mediocrity. Pushing through requires you to not be satisfied with just doing the bare minimum to keep that job, maintain that marriage, or simply living; it is performing with an excellent spirit even when no one is watching. Being extraordinary does not mean that you are perfect. Perfection should never be the goal. Just do your best.

Build your circle: The people in your world can have a huge influence on how you become successful and navigate the next six months. Find people who keep you grounded and hold you accountable. These people should have a similar goal-oriented mindset. They should be people you trust and who you know would urge you on, if you become discouraged and weak. Your circle can also include a Life Coach or a Counselor, who would help guide you and give you the necessary skills to go on.

Be determined that no matter what the next six months bring, you will keep your foot on the pedal. You must press on!


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