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‘Market’ vendors protecting turf

Some market vendors are not happy with the new arrangement that comes with the COVID-19 protocol. In keeping with the 6-foot distancing required at this time, operations at the Market Square in Saint George’s were moved to the National Stadium.

However, some vendors have seemingly found their way back to the Market Square which is seen by vendors at the stadium as great competition since more people are used to shopping in the heart of town. There are also vendors who use supermarket trolleys to ply their trade as they sell fruits and vegetables in Saint George’s.

Vendors at St. George’s Market

Speaking in the Catholic news, one vendor at the stadium said that it is unfair to them to allow some vendors to be selling in the market. “We selling here but the market is still open and half of the people are selling over there,” she said.

The vendor also called for Government’s assistance to help advertise them at the national stadium to attract more buyers since it takes some effort for people to get to the national stadium.

Another problem is large pools of water at the stadium when it rains due to the flatness of the grounds. This can pose major challenges during this hurricane season. “We have to be standing up on pallets when it rains or wear tall boots to stand in the mud. That is not good enough,” another vendor said.

The vendors are calling on the powers that be to open up and clean up the market so that all of them can return to the central spot; but in keeping with the protocol of 6-foot distancing.


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