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Missing woman’s story still a mystery for police

Investigation continues into the cause of the death of 84-year-old Madeline Ray of Mt Royal, Carriacou whose body was found in a ravine in Top Hill, one mile from her home.

According to Police, that area was thoroughly searched in the days that the woman was reported missing, but to no avail. Ray, who is said to have been showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease and was also diabetic, lived with her son and according to a caller on Vibes FM ‘Speak out unfiltered’ programme, he had difficulties looking after his mother due to the conditions associated with Alzheimer’s.

The woman, who was reported missing on January 10, seems to have died two days before her half naked body was discovered on Sunday January 24, 2021.

“She probably died Friday or Saturday because if it was later, then you would have found decomposition taking place but that was not the case. Her body was found intact. So that shows me that she did not die too long and according to the medical doctor who was on the scene, she could have died a day or two ago,” said Inspector Kenney Smart, who was a key figure in the search party from day one. He was speaking on Vibes FM Monday evening news.

It was also confirmed by a medical doctor that “A diabetic person cannot survive all these days without food and water.” Ray was missing for roughly 15 days. This newspaper awaits the results of a promised autopsy, which will reveal her last meal, among other things.

In their efforts to locate the missing woman, the Police had recently started a door-door search as a team went knocking on doors to see if the missing woman was being held hostage.

The discovery of her body was made during a joint search by officers attached to the Carriacou Police Station, members of the National Disaster Management Authority (NaDMA) and the public who embarked on a thorough search in Dumfries and other areas. It was reported that she was last seen alive in Dumfries.

“We had gotten the information from a gentleman who said that he had seen her in the Dumfries area so we had placed a lot of emphasis there because every bit of information that reached us we acted on it. He was the only one who reported seeing her alive after she went missing. However, being proactive and knowing what the situation is, we did not confine our search to Dumfries alone…because our concept of carrying out a search is that she could have passed there and just as we cleared the Dumfries area she could have come back, we could have cleared Top Hill and just as we cleared the area she could have gone back there,” Inspector Smart added as he explained their circular search.

The Officer in charge of the Northern District, Supt Essau Pierre wishes to express his sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased; and his appreciation to all individuals who assisted with searches, and media entities for dissemination of information relative to her disappearance. 


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