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More tickets from Police last public holiday

“I continue to implore upon the public to be compliant and don’t let the heavy arm of the law fall on you,” the words of Superintendent Essau Pierre, head of the Northern Division as he spoke in Vibes FM news.

The Officer who is stationed in Carriacou said that generally the Whitsuntide weekend was what he refers to as “incident free”.

However, as people attended different party-like functions in both Carriacou and Petite Martinique, he revealed that there were some violations on the weekend and some persons had already been issued tickets while there are a couple more to be issued.

Superintendent Pierre said that it is important to ensure that Carriacou and Petite Martinique remain incident free and COVID free as he calls for a collaborative effort.

“I always ask for compliance because it is a partnership between the public and the Police to keep the place safe,” the Superintendent said.

He is reminding the public that the Ministry of Health will check the health side of a venue for an event and the Police will check the amplified sounds and permission must be granted for such activities.

“So it is incumbent on all of us, albeit celebratory moods come up from time to time and we may find that people would want to get out; but we have to remember that there are some protocols outlined,” he added.


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