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NDC gives farmers garden boots

Over 50 farmers within the Saint David contiuency will beneift from a component of the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Care Initiative, which the constituency caretaker sees as “a good gesture.”

According to Caretaker Adrian ‘Persuader’ Thomas,  the beneficiaries are to be selelected after consultation with “consituency friends and elders.”

Noting that agricutlure is dear to him, as well as being aware that some farmers are struggling in these difficult financial times, Thomas said that he thought it wise to reach out to the farmers in this way.

He said the over 50 pairs of boots, each costing almost $60, is a contribtion made by “very good friends of the NDC.”

Under the NDC Care Initiative, which was started earlier this year, persons have beneiftted from masks, hampers, cases of water and lunches.


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