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New Lifeguard Tower in Bathway!

Thanks to a generous donation from Ramdhanny’s True Value and the labour being provided by the lifeguards, a new lifeguard tower is being built on Bathway Beach.  

Deb Eastwood, Director of Grenada Lifeguards, stated that it was important to have a lifeguard tower in Bathway because of the water conditions, which are more dangerous than other locations around Grenada.  Not only will the lifeguards have a better view of conditions, but they will also have a place to shelter in poor weather conditions and a place to store vital emergency equipment like the AED (which is used to restart the heart in emergency situations).

Eastwood says that she is most grateful for the support of Ramdhanny’s True Value for a donation of $5,000 and a discount on materials. She stated, “Kenute Francis, Manager at the Grenville location, has been wonderful, and we love our partnership with them and their support of the community.”

In addition, Eastwood is grateful for Alex Calderon, her General Manager who has been a driving force for making this happen.  According to her, he designed the building, done the fundraising, and is overseeing the entire building project. “It would not have happened without him.  Also, thanks to the Ministry of Tourism for supporting this project and working with them on site selection,” she said. 

The Dedication/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the life-guard tower will be on Wednesday, March 09 at 2 pm at Bathway Beach and all are invited to come and share in the celebration. 

People are urged to stay between the flags at Bathway for the highest level of safety and not to go in the water if red flags are up.  The conditions, as mentioned earlier, can be dangerous with rip currents (powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water) which can take people out to sea.  However, rarely is this a problem in front of the breakwater and between the flags.

Eastwood also stressed the importance of learning to swim and advises everyone of the upcoming Republic Bank National Learn to Swim Week, April 19-23.  Those interested can sign up at or email or call 404-5237. 


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