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Open letter to Mrs Kim Frederick, Chairperson of the Physical Planning Authority

“Our Paradise and Sovereignty under Siege – Protect Grenada from Destructive Development!”

The Grenada Land Actors Platform was created in 2018 and counts over 280 followers and 130 active

members. The principles of the platform are pro-community, pro-environment, pro-sustainable

development, and pro-accountability. It is a non-partisan network of professionals, CBOs, NGOs, private

land users, and concerned citizens, who are invested in sustainable land management and putting people at the center of land governance in Grenada. The goal of the platform is to ensure developer

transparency, public oversight, and government accountability in the area of land use and development.

To achieve this goal the platform welcomes the diverse voices of all Grenadians – at home and abroad,

urban and rural, young and old – to bring forward constructive solutions.

In the wake of the debacle of the La Sagesse Six Sense development which fully destroyed the La

Sagesse ecosystem literally overnight, and the public outcry that followed, as well as the threats caused

to our natural and cultural heritage by the developments at Levera and Mount Hartman, we have initiated an online petition “Our Paradise and Sovereignty under Siege – Protect Grenada from Destructive Development!” The petition has collected 6350 signatures as of September 30, 2020 at Midnight. We are delivering here the petition with the signatures collected thus far due to the time-sensitive nature of the demands made by the signatories of this petition. The petition is still getting a substantial support. The final closing date of the petition is October 30, 2020. You will appreciate that the matter of sustainable land management governance and transparency has been a great concern to the citizens of Grenada and the number of signatures that this petition has so far gathered, as well as the content of the comments, call for urgent action.

During the month of September, in an attempt to clarify the scope of the projects referenced above, as

well as the mitigation measures that were made conditional to their planning approval, we have sent two letters and visited the office of Mr Frederick at the Physical Planning Unit but failed to gain access to

these documents so far. This is unfortunate as this lack of transparency exacerbates the feeling by

community members that their natural and cultural heritage is being trafficked behind closed doors.

We, therefore, request a meeting with you to discuss the demands laid out in this petition as soon as


Below is a selection of comments, representing the 300+ comments provided accompanying the

petition signatures:

● “Added to that fact that the development diminishes the capacity of this coastal habitat to

provide ecosystem services (many of things we don’t get directly so it seems worthless, but e.g.

clean air, fresh water, flood regulation, recreational functions and the list could go on), this is an

area that is unique to multiple stakeholders especially the locals, fishers and farmers (particularly

for sustenance). A group of people that will be affected the most by these environmental

changes are the local fishers and farmers who one can say technically lives in close harmony

with the land and sea. As natural habitats are destroyed, and farmlands removed (because I

know of a couple farmers who have been displaced and not a word on compensation or where

they’ll be placed was mentioned as yet) , this will clearly have profound effects on the ecosystem

and associated recreational benefits and importantly upon the behavior and practices of the La

Sagesse people who might just now have look to other means for subsistence” by Roxanne

Graham of Saint George’s

● “I support economic growth for Grenada, but absolutely not at the expense of our eco systems.

The developments at Lavera, and Mt Hartman etc are devastating to our environment and are at

odds with our ‘Pure Grenada’ brand. They must be stopped” by Salomie Lawrence Baird of Saint


● “Developmentat any cost is not the way forward for Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique. We

need sustainable development and environmental justice. We need to protect and preserve our

island homes for ourselves and our generations yet unborn” by Rita Joseph-Olivetti of Grenada.

● “This develompent is destroying the very assets that tourists come to see – hence, down the line,

destroyng also the livelihood of Grenadians” by Ian Blaikie of Grenville.

● “The government needs to engage with the public before making such drastic decisions. They

have shown total disrespect for our ecosystem. Yes the investments are good however not at

the expense of displacing wildlife,” by Shanica Jeremiah of Sauteurs.

● “We need sustainable development and jobs for our communities, not short-sighted destruction

of our most valuable assets,” by Janet Nurse of Saint George’s.

● “I care about the future of Grenada and its people and believe we can do a lot better protecting

our precious and limited environment. It is not too late to make Grenada an example of good

sustainable and environmental practices to the world we have wonderful assets, we just have to

be smart about using them mindfully and carefully” by Magdalena Fielden of Grand Anse.

● “It is important that there is added value to the people and country of Grenada instead of just

giving up land” by Christopher Comissiong of Gouyave.

● “It is time to stop this madness that is destroying our beautiful island and benefiting a few people”

by Roberts Althea of Saint David’s.

● “I am very patriotic and I care about the planet. There is need for each of us to be given an

opportunity to share knowledge and concerns. Not enough is done in this regard. Change is

needed if not now, when” by Al-Kebulan Love of Grenada.

● “Enough is enough. We need better management of our assets and a new vision for true

sustainable development” by Malaika Maitland of Saint George’s.

● “I love and wish to preserve my beautiful Island, unnecessary development at the cost of natural

resources/eco-friendly habitats needs TO STOP!” by Simone Francis of Calivigny.

● “I am aware of the important role these natural habitats and ecosystems play in the protection

of fauna, human and the island as a whole…I am well aware of all the negatives that the

destruction of these areas can bring to life in these isles” by Gary Walker of Grenville.

● “I don’t want to see the island taken over by big corporations and foreign governments who have

no interest in the biodiversity of the island only in exploiting the availabilty of land here for profit

and strategic placement” by Richard Nemar-Smith of Hope.

● “We are advertising “pure Grenada” and destroying this most beautiful natural Island. Destroying

wetlands which cannot be restored as fast as they will be destroyed. Building higher than the

highest palm tree, building on breeding sites for the endangered turtles…” by Sabine Augustine

of Calivigny.

● “I don’t believe this is sustainable and sensible development in a very ecologically important

area of Grenada” by Inga Karasek of Saint George’s.

● “Grenadians must be informed of all major developments. We need more transparency from the

department of planning” by Jude Mills of Saint George’s.

● “We need to leave the land as it is. No more projects or resorts. We are killing nature, bird

sanctuaries, natural landscapes. Grenada is for the real citizens of Grenada meaning by birth

and by descent, not by citizenship for contracts to destroy by China, UK, or wherever. Save the

agriculture in Grenada!” by Kimberly Hood of Saint George’s.

● “Save the Levera National Park! Another resort / hotel is not needed in the area.” by Cabbi

Cabbi of Grenada.

The Grenada Land Actors Platform.


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