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Open letter to Mrs Merina Jessamy, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour

What is happening in your Ministry?

On January 26th 2016 I was unfairly dismissed from my job at Aviation Services of Grenada where I served well as Shop Steward. Acting in conformity with the Employment Act of Grenada, I reported my case of “Unfair Dismissal” to the Ministry of Labour. There, Mr Griffith, the Labour Commissioner, denied me my right to make such a report.

“Complaints of unfair dismissal
 82. (1) Within three months of the date of dismissal, an employee shall have the right to complain to the Labour Commissioner that he or she has been unfairly dismissed, whether notice has been given or not.”

I then sought the intervention of Ms Nadica Mc Intyre at the Ombudsman’s office. Weeks later, I was informed by the Ombudsman that the Ministry of Labour under Mrs Outram, I believe, would have organised a meeting between myself and the Ministry. Unfortunately, Ms Mc Intye departed this life allowing the public servants at the Ministry to not fulfill their obligation. I then made numerous attempts since then to present day to rectify this deliberate and undemocratic norm of the public service; refusal of legally guaranteed service to tax paying citizens. 

For the past almost six years as I continue to pay taxes and be refused legally mandated service, I have contacted the following individuals and public offices inclusive of but not limited to the following: Oliver Joseph (Minister of Labour), Cyrus Griffith (Labour Commissioner), Peter David (Minister of Labour), Nicholas Steele (Acting Minister of Labour), Lema Frederick (Permanent Secretary), Integrity Commission, Ombudsman, Public Service Commission, Keith Mitchell (Prime Minister), Cecile La Grenada (Governor General), Christopher Nelson (DPP), the High Court, Dwight Horsford (Solicitor General), Lawrence Joseph (Acting Attorney General), Beryl Issac (Cabinet Secretary), CID, Grenada trade Union Council. 
It should be noted that:

Keith Mitchell in a Town Hall meeting, on the 25th day of June 2018 assured me he would meet with me concerning same. To date this has not occurred.

The PSC representative upon being presented with the facts of the case informed me that I should seek asylum.

I was told by Lima Frederick, in her position as PS to the Ministry of Labour whilst she sat on the public’s chair “get out ah meh office, yuh ah damn waste of time for a big man!” This uncouth outburst by Lima Frederick resulted as I informed her of the flaw of her argument in which she stated, as a union representative, I had no business coming to the Ministry of Labour.

“82. (3) The right of an employee to make a complaint under this section shall be without prejudice to any right an employee may enjoy under a collective agreement.”

I was given the assurance by Mrs Beryl Issac, approximately two years ago that Peter David would fulfil his appointment as Minister.
“82. (4) Where the Labour Commissioner fails to settle the matter it shall be referred to the Minister who shall hear the matter as soon as it is practicable.”

This meeting with Peter David never occurred until years later May 13, 2021. Upon attending the said meeting, in which the Ombudsman was present, the Labour Minister and Commissioner provided the assurance that priority would be given to my grievance; I was told by Peter David he would contact the company and get back to me. Approximately three weeks later, I was not contacted by Peter or any of his representatives. I then called Mr Marryshow (Ombudsman’s office) and apprised him of the failure.

He recommended that I call the Ministry. I then called, spoke to Mr Cyrus Griffith, provided my contact information, yet again, and was told by him that he would speak to Hon Peter David and revert back to me. Although almost seven weeks passed since I contacted Cyrus Griffith, he nor Peter David have returned my call nor have they corresponded via post or email.

Most astoundingly is that fact that I would have called your office on Friday July 16, 2021 to speak to you as the person in charge of the Ministry. I was informed by your secretary that you were in a meeting. I then explained the above stated, provided my contact information and asked that you make contact to at least make an attempt to end this deliberate negligence which commenced in 2016. I called your office this morning at 9:36am, I was assured by your secretary that she did pass on the information to you. You have not called almost four working days later.

I do not intend to consistently plead with public servants to execute the duties they are paid to do. Please be mindful and remind your colleagues of the consequences of frustration, victimization, insults and bad customer service. 

Earl J Maitland, Victim of the Public Service

Response to Mr Maitland by PS Jessamy


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