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Open letter to the Prime Minister

I’m a 15 year old student living in the parish of Saint David. I listened to your address hoping to hear you speak on so many important issues, specifically plans on the reopening of schools as I hope to write 10 CXC subjects next year. However, I am disappointed.

School is only some weeks away and I really miss my friends. I have not received all my school books yet because the School Book Programme does not have them. My mom cannot afford to buy the books since she lost her hotel job because of COVID-19. Then I wondered if maybe I wouldn’t need to get books because our teachers said we should be getting tablets with E-books. When are we getting those tablets Dr Mitchell? I really wish you spoke on those things instead of Trinidad which has nothing to do with us.

You also kept talking about Carnival which is already gone. Tonight we were waiting to hear about how you would help families like mine, not because we depend on the government but because this is something I never dreamed would happen to us. My big sister, who used to work on a cruise ship, is also here so that means only daddy is working. It is nothing big because it’s on Mr John’s farm he’s working and he has his little garden and every day I hear him complaining that things are hard because nothing is done for agriculture. No help out, nothing.

Dr Mitchell I will also like to know why you haven’t spoken to us about the project on our beach. I remember going there growing up. We used to go there and fish until we were chased away. Why can’t we go back there?

So please Mr Prime Minister, talk good things. We want to know about plans that would give a better future. Instead of speaking on building more hotels when there is no tourist. We have enough hotels. Make plans for education, agriculture, factories, oil and jobs then come back and address the nation.

Future Prime Minister


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