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Our journey to the Promise Land has just begun

Now that WE THE PEOPLE have spoken, let us all convey our best wishes to the NNP and its leadership into permanent retirement – as the spite, deception, victimization, corruption and pettiness have come to an end, as determined by the masses on June 23, 2022.

In similar manner, heartfelt congratulations are in order to the NDC for a victorious and phenomenal performance from zero to nine – under the leadership of our new prime minister in the person of Mr Dickon Mitchell, a man of the people for the people.  A leadership born out of the crucible of an evolving nation, becoming aware of the issues of the 21st century that would confront us as a people – and how to solve them with a VISON that uplifts our nation.

No more secret deals, empty rhetoric, lies and mamagisum shall prevail, as Grenadians are awakened to the benefits of honest and accountable governance, while we lift ourselves out of the decadence and oppression of the last two decades.

At the beginning – the journey may not be smooth, as we transition into the future, but the light from under the tunnel would gradually appear into the sunlight of tomorrow. Grenada – with a land mass of 133 square miles and a population of approximately 110 people may be small – but it is blessed with natural endowment which continues to lay fallow – due to the concrete and steel mentality of the NNP, which – instead of empowering our people, has whittled away our sovereignty as we become 2nd citizens in our own country, by facilitating foreign investors over our local entrepreneurs – (A neocolonial disposition)

In an effort to reverse that trend, the Willie Redhead Foundation (tWRF) some time ago – had presented a proposal in the print media, whereby derelict and abandoned properties especially in Saint George’s could be acquired by government after giving the requisite public notice of its intention.  These buildings and sites could be cleared of all debris or demolished where necessary, and sold at minimum cost to local investors in the creation of a market economy especially for small local building contractors under specific conditions.  (See tWRF publication. Page 54- “The Pride of Our Waterfront Heritage – the Renaissance of Urban St George”:  Allyday 2019).

As we advance towards the Promised Land, the renaissance of our Capital City must become a prominent item in the REDEMPTION Agency of our government, as the state and appearance of our social and physical infrastructure, influence how we behave and reflects who we are as a nation.

In this regard our proposal if considered – could complement the government’s housing agenda in assisting to meet the human habitation and related needs of our country.  This initiative together with the government’s other national agenda could catapult us into an era of prosperity and national pride – where honesty, hard work and dedication would become the order of the day in transforming us into a just, equitable and prosperous nation (Paradise regained).

A Willie Redhead Foundation presentation


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