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Pink pond attracts attention in Carriacou

The body of stagnant water, is located in Mt Pleasant in the east of the island, an area called Petite Bin and is a collection of sea water and water from the land.
Pictures posted on social media shows a bright pink hue in the water which nationals refer to as a lagoon.
One local environmentalist told The Grenadian Voice that it can be an algal bloom, however, without seeing it and getting all the parameters she said that it will be difficult to conclude what may be the reason for the pink colour.
She added that the location of the pond must be taken into consideration because it makes a difference if it’s located, close to the sea or inland and if there is any discharge of pollutants into the area.
Another environmentalist said that it is highly likely that the reflection of the sun on the algae in the stagnant water is giving rise to the colour.


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