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Police encourage vigilance this Christmas

During this Christmas season, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) reminds business owners and mobile salespersons of the need to engage in safety practices, so as to minimise any possible occurrences that may jeopardize business operations.

Retail merchants and mobile salespersons are encouraged to guard against theft along the route. They are encouraged to give special consideration to trip/route planning and coordination of sales delivery and vary delivery times, days and routes. Late evening return of employees should be avoided as much as possible.

So far as is reasonably practical, the Police said salespersons must avoid carrying large sums of cash and consider using alternative routes that are less travelled or remote.

People are also advised to be discreet with the handling of money bags and not leave same in plain view, lock all doors and side doors while traveling and immediately after sales delivery and avoid leaving vehicles unattended.

All suspicious activities should be reported to the Police.

Further, the RGPF during a recent media briefing encouraged the public to continue on the part of compliance with the laws and regulations of Grenada during this festive season.

In a bid to keep the nation safe, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Jessmon Prince, warned of heightened law enforcement engagement within communities, implementation of security initiatives, deployment of all officers, deployment of traffic check points, searches and enforcement of commitment warrant drives.

He said the RGPF’s Yuletide season operation, which commenced Nov 01, includes public education on crime prevention tips, fire safety and traffic management. Other activities included the execution of commitment warrants and collection of fines, zero tolerance on offensive weapon, praedial larceny and seizure of fire arms.

Prince called on the public to continue cooperating with the Force, to help in keeping citizens safe as he praised the increased level of compliance among citizens regarding the regulations.

He noted that illegal vending continues to pose a problem even while there are new vending arrangements in place.

Vendors are allowed to sell toys and clothes on designated parts under tents on different streets which will be taken down on Boxing Day.

According to Ignatius Mason, manager at the Saint George’s Market, there are between 25 and 30 vendors operating under the tents along the lower part of Hillsborough Street and the upper part of Granby Street, which have been closed to vehicular traffic.

While the fruit and vegetable market continues at Queen’s Park, many vendors were seen on Christmas Eve plying their trade in parts of the Saint George’s market even while the construction is taking place.


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