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Political activist charged

Another charge this time of assault on a Police Officer was added after the arrest of Local talk show host Kem Jones who was charged with obstruction of traffic. He is to appear in court in March.

A reliable source told this newspaper that Jones was crossing the road on Melville Street near to the bus terminal when he was approached by a Police Officer. The incident took place on January 04 in Saint George’s.

Reports are being circulated that Jones was arrested for not wearing a mask. This newspaper sought the truth from him. “I was wearing my mask walking across Melville Street to go use the restroom in the bus terminal and a Police in the middle of the road pushed me and then arrested me for obstruction of traffic, “ he said.

He identified the Officer as PC#57 Linton Charles who he attended school with. Jones cites the incident as vendetta since he and the Officer seemed to have had issues in school.

Jones who hosts popular radio programmes, lobbying against the Government, is down to appear in court to answer to the charge on March 04.

He has retained the service of attorney Cajeton Hood who told The Grenadian Voice “I will let the court decide this and if there was a political motive involved, a claim for constitutional and other relief will be filed shortly.”


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