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Protocols gone, AG advises caution

While COVID-19 restrictions have been removed within the State of Grenada, Grenadians are still encouraged to continue best practices to protect themselves from the virus.

“I encourage all to take measures to protect yourself as you deem fit. We know the best practices as we just spent two years under the pandemic restrictions. Hopefully all will be well as we hope for better and brighter days having sacrificed as much as we did,” commented Attorney General Dia Forrester on Tuesday (April 05).

The AG announced then that the State of Grenada is no longer operating under a State of Emergency, which came into being in January 2021 when parliament was not sitting. Forrester explained that “in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we no longer have restrictions on the movement of people, the operation of businesses, the mandate to wear mask and maintain physical distancing, the mandate to demonstrate one’s vaccination status to access certain services and all other features of the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) regulations, as those have now been repealed.”

The proclamation by the Governor General revoking the State of Emergency was gazetted on April 04, 2022 in keeping with the Constitution, she said.

As it relates to the Quarantine COVID-19 regulations, which detail travel restrictions and the mandates for testing prior to or on arrival, have also been removed. The AG said the Minister of Health has executed the order to repeal those regulations.

Consequently, “We are therefore operating without the need for testing prior to or on arrival to Grenada. Likewise, there is no need for individuals to quarantine.”

Noting that this change regarding quarantine does need the approval of parliament to be formally removed from Grenada’s laws, Forrester said government will undertake that endeavour shortly.

Meanwhile, the Public Health COVID-19 regulations continue to be in place but “only to the extent needed for the purposes of monitoring and screening to determine the status of COVID-19 within Grenada and to take measures pursuance to our Public Health Act that may be needed with any other infectious disease,” the AG explained.


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