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Questions for William

I’m going to need William Joseph to drive down to the Kirani James Athletic Stadium and take several seats. The only reason that I’m not going to ask him to leap off of a cliff is because other than the obvious, I want him around to rub his face in what is coming.

Mr Joseph elocutes, galleries and fancies himself a King maker. Where is your King William? Who is your King? Why does everything displease you so? You spend so much time touting yourself as a “Political Commentator” and declaring your ‘God-given’ right to your freedom of your expression; yet, you whine like a crybaby about feeling attacked when the people you seek to ‘touch and influence’ disagree with your self-opinionated rantings.

So you’re the only one allowed to speak? Is it only democratic when you wage your personal wars against your intellectual betters? Men who, by your own admission you could not hold a candle to? so instead, you seek as an alternative-to extinguish their flame. Far easier than lighting yours!!  The proverbial fox and sour grapes syndrome.

Look William, this is getting old!!

This was you in 2018 remember? When the NDC left you out there in the cold. You raged and raged against Nazim, pointing out these same “character flaws” in his bid for leadership. You also masqueraded back then, as a Political Commentator…so here you are again! Good, ole predictable William? Come William, let us remember together one of the very fundamental tenets of democracy: people have a right to disagree, vehemently or otherwise with the very thing that you spend your time sniveling to the very tops of your lungs about- don’t they. This too is democracy William. This too is the acceptable way, the Grenadian way!

You know I believe it was Truman who popularized the phrase, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen,” and just maybe, you should take it as it resonates.

Now I know that in the throes of the orgasm you get from reading your own writing, you did not stop to consider people’s right to respond. Democracy dictates that you do not get to tell them how. If you disagree, you know what to do, but you are not the Arbiter of that “standard of change” of which you speak.

I know what you’re thinking right now: I’m attacking the messenger instead of the message. And that my Brothers and Sisters is the whole point. Some messengers aren’t fit for the message they appoint themselves to bring. Some messengers are little more than sullen, bitter, failed old men attempting to seize relevance by making themselves out to be the sole heirs to the cauldron of Grenada’s cultural and political morality. Tell me Willie, who hurt you? Are you still smarting from the NDC’s total rejection of you in 2018? Or are you upset that Patrick and crew didn’t draft you into the TGM? Seems like you can’t get in anywhere. Seems like you’re the problem. 

And what are you always on about with people’s arrogance? Specks and planks Willie, you know about those, don’t you? You’re always quoting scripture.

You know, it’s amazing that for a man that trumpets as much as you do and carries on about leadership and the Grenadian way, how much an epic failure you have been in that arena.

“Come let us reason together” remember that? And whilst you are, tell us about your stint as Director of Tourism, how did that turn out for you and the Country? How goes that law degree you were attempting? What of that time as Grenada’s Ambassador to CARICOM-what did you achieve? Or how about when you were Chief-of Staff during the Tillman Thomas Administration? Actually, never mind we know these answers to these questions-don’t we? As does your engineering of the expulsion of Peter and Crew from the NDC. That time too my Dear Willie, speaks for itself. As the Architect of the” great expulsion”, you were also the author of the NDC Party’s greatest demise. What do these things say to you about your mettle Willie, both in policy and politics? What do they say to you about your own character flaws?

Maybe the plank in your eye prevents you from further introspection. Here’s the thing, you cannot be upset when people point out your own failings, after being so busy pointing out theirs. What is good is that Dr Antoine and Nazim have not condescended to responding to you. Neither of them Not once. Doesn’t that say something to you William?

Anyway, enquiring minds want to know how much you were paid by the powers that be to attempt to stir this pot – at this time? I hear its 30 pieces of silver; sorry I mean $30,000! Also, the same friends I’m asking for, want to understand why, if you hate Peter so much, have become just like him?

In a way, all this posturing and pseudo intellectualism truly reveals at its very core, the heart of who you really are. No one wants you on their team precisely because of the God-complex you display. Instead of doing what is good, and just and right and looking inward, you lash out with dishonesty and self-aggrandizement on a scale too grand for even your own delusions. The thing is, you have so much to offer, but instead you prefer the far lazier, vulgar and destructive route of character assassination. Grenada has 120,000 people; yours is but one single, bitter and angry opinion, heavy with criticism. 

As for me? I would like to finally hear some actual ideas.

Michael St James


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