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Rena asks for forgiveness

A young lady in Gouyave has issued an apology on her FaceBook page for an unprecedented incident two weeks ago.
The incident, which went viral on social media, saw the young lady lying on a mattress in the middle of a main road which caused a disruption in the movement of traffic for a while.

The drama ended when it was reported that she was taken away by the Police where she spent the night in a cell.
Unconfirmed reports are that her action was in protest after an official announcement was made that there would be no public celebrations for Fisherman’s Birthday. In Gouyave, the day is normally celebrated on June 29 with jubilation and Carnival-like activities. But this year the celebration was suspended due to the protocols associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a public service, we feature the apology posted on Cleopatra Friday’s Facebook page signed by Rena. The young lady, in asking for forgiveness, has promised to become a law abiding, peaceful citizen.

“Hey Guys! After all of the Sarcasm, Humour and Laughter out of the negatives, I must step up and be mature enough to say…I sincerely apologize for my behaviour last Sunday which resulted in the circulation of a video involving a female obstructing vehicular traffic with a mattress placed on the Main Street of Gouyave Town on various Social Media platforms.

My behaviour was totally unacceptable on all grounds! This Country is governed by rules and regulations and at all times we the Citizens MUST adhere to them even if at times we may not feel to do so.
I firstly apologize to the People of Gouyave and Officers attached to the Western Division of the RGPF, the Acting Commissioner of Police and other members of the RGPF.

To the rest of my fellow citizens Home and in the Diaspora…I am SORRY! To the Member of Parliament for the Constituency of Saint John and other members of the Upper and Lower Houses of Government, Mr Royden Beharry and the entire Staff of the Ministry of Social Development, Youth and Sports Affairs…I do apologize!

In closing I would like to thank My Mom, Grandma, Magistrate Francine Foster and Staff of the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court, Officers attached to the Gouyave Police Station for your cooperation, patience, support and encouraging words of advice, they indeed will be considered from now moving forward! To you Guys on Facebook that were not mentioned…I am Sorry!

Hope you Guys can find a way to forgive me for my silly act and leave the “Old Rena” behind and cooperate with her in becoming a law abiding, peaceful citizen!

Thanking you in advance for your forgiveness!
Yours Remorsefully,


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