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Resort given ten days for full compliance

A seemingly new deadline has been issued to the hospitality sector by the Ministry of Health for 100% of the staff working at hotels to be fully vaccinated.

By way of a letter received by Sandals Grenada Beach Resort the Ministry states that a directive was earlier issued which was not followed. “One of the measures taken is that of having the workers in the hotel industry vaccinated as a means of added protection against the COVID virus. The Ministry of Health and Social Security, at its meeting with your establishment on June 09, 2021, noted that only 55% of your staff is fully vaccinated, a situation which is not in keeping with our directive.”

The letter also warned of consequences the resort will face if the new date given was not met. “Kindly note that Sandals Grenada will be given ten days to comply with the Ministry’s directive to have all 100% of your staff receive their first shot by July 15 and to complete their second shot By August 27. The Ministry is prepared to work with you to provide pop-up clinics to achieve full compliance by the expected date. Failure to comply will result in the Ministry of Health deeming your establishment as one that is non-compliant.”

In responding to the situation, Sandals Grenada said that since reopening on March 31, 2021 the resort has proactively taken steps to create awareness of the country’s vaccination programme through team member sessions with medical professionals, group discussions and one-on-one consultations as well as two on-site vaccination clinics alongside the Ministry of Health.

“As a result of our ongoing efforts to consistently provide team members with all relevant information with respect to vaccination, to date 64% of our team members are either fully vaccinated or have taken their first dose. Our team members have now further been apprised of the latest deadline set out by the Chief Medical Officer to achieve 100% vaccination, and the expected actions if not realized.”

The Resort is promising to continue to work with the Ministry of Health to achieve compliance with its directive, and welcome the offer to make additional pop-up clinics accessible to members of staff. 


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