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Reveling with caution

It’s that time again when the drums are beating and the sale of alcohol is heightened all over the island. It is expected that this will boost the already frenzied behavior that started with the launch of Carnival. Again this newspaper is calling on everyone to let good sense prevail since we have not yet received the all clear notice from the viruses that are in our midst.

People must be reminded that while we are grappling with the Corona virus, the Human Immunodeficiency viruses (HIV), which can cause Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), are still here. Also the Human Papilloma virus which is also passed on during sexual intercourse can cause cervical cancer in women. We are making the call because the high consumption of alcohol has always been blamed for impeding good judgements; yet people continue to drink and lose control at this time of the year.

While on this issue there are people who have found it in poor taste when condoms were being advertised during the Children’s Carnival Frolic as part of an advertisement package sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Ecclesiastical Affairs. Shouldn’t it be tweaked to suit the occasion? The new Prime Minister seems to be active in the upbringing of his children. It would be interesting to get a comment from him on the advertising of condoms during a show for children.  

This week we will share a poem that made the rounds last year. It’s unfortunate that the writer, a young man, remains anonymous because he should be showered with praise for such a powerful message in his satire. The poem brings to light the energy being placed on playing Jab Jab as opposed to paying attention to the basic amenities such as the state of the hospitals and the lack of public libraries. He even highlighted the potholes in our roads nicely in his Jab Jab poem.

“This Jab cares

 No amount of foreign exchange is worth the drunken, reckless persona that we creating!

Welcome to the JAb Jab nation skin black, horn on head, mouth red, pants sagging, chain dragging, so we dey. The Jab doh care, welcome to the Jab Jab nation. Well done Jab Jab patrons you have unwittingly etched in the psychology of a generation, sketched the identity of a nation. Need I mention the intricate relation between the Jab and Grenadians?

The Jab doh care; Jab don’t business, but it’s exactly this mentality that have us not minding we business. What is interesting is how our society look like a Jab and I play enough Jab so I could tell you in that band anything goes. People behavior does match the state of their clothes; garments full of holes. Speaking of holes reminds me of the state of the roads. So, when they say Grenada playing a Jab it’s no exaggeration. Now let me hear we favourite proclamation “Jab doh care!!”

But the Jab don’t have healthcare either unless they could afford it. Big up Uncle Sam. But whatever happen to the regular members of the band? Where is the plan when the hospital dey in Mas? Just make a pass and you will see. We don’t have hospital but we have hospitality. So, welcome to the Jab Jab country. First we like Jab we have five J’ouvert -J’ouvert in the North, South, East and West.

But we don’t even have a library for our students to be prudent. A public library is not a want but a need because when mas done the Jab must know how to read. Give the Jab a penny to buy a bread, but why Jab doh make it for himself? And when I say bread doh take it too literal, I just speaking about the ways we source our capital because handouts becoming too habitual. Jab proud and Jab could turn his hand so we doh want too much shortknee in the Jab Jab band throwing investments all about and when we get caught in the cloud them done settle down with a big piece of land and a set of concessions.

But aye, the Jab don’t care! But we should. You see Jab is a very addictive practice and as much as it represents freedom and expression, it has come to represent slackness and if there is one thing I know, balance is key. For real, when Jab done, all Jabs want to get clean, so it’s time to clean up we-self. Ideas are powerful and ideas shape our world, so we must be mindful of the images that we make. No amount of foreign exchange is worth the drunken, reckless persona that we creating and I don’t want to be mistaken, I love Jab and I respect it a lot. I just don’t want to be represented by something I am not. This Jab cares!”


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