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Roof woes at Sauteurs Market

Lack of drainage and rain water build-up on roof of Sauteurs Market

The roof of the Sauteurs Market is a source of frustration for renters and customers alike.

One section of the roof is constructed with concrete and lack of drainage creates a mosquito breeding paradise. Another section of the roof, covered in galvanized, leaks every time it rains. When the roof leaks, water builds up inside due to poor drainage.

“We tired complaining,” said one vendor, who chose to remain anonymous. Other regular visitors to the market said complaints have been made to the management over the years, but nothing has been done.

Approximately five vendors, as well as three butchers, are currently operating from the market on days permitted under COVID-19 regulations.

“It get bad when they are butchering,” one person said, adding that last weekend the rains caused some vendors to pack away their wares because of the leaking roof.

When asked by The Grenadian Voice on Wednesday (June 17) if there were plans to repair the roof, Member of Parliament for St. Patrick West Hon Anthony Boatswain said he was unaware of the situation with the roof.

I was not informed of that,” he said. Hon Boatswain subsequently contacted the Ministry of Works and told the Grenadian Voice he expects Ministry staff to visit the site today (June 19).

The Sauteurs Market opened in 1997 and was originally designed to become a two-storey structure.

“That is why the roof was not properly sealed at the time,” he said.

The second level was never constructed. A visit to the market today shows stark contrast to the newly-opened facility when the St. Patrick community gathered with young performers to celebrate the occasion.


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