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SAMS PCR Testing; Results in 24Hours!

St Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS) can now offer rapid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing at its facility.

Apart from being taken in the face of coronavirus symptoms the test may also be required for departing and re-entering Grenada, for regional and international travel.

As the global community forcibly updates its medical vocabulary, Resident Practitioner at SAMS, Dr Lutz Amechi explained;” PCR mimics what our cells do naturally, dividing and multiplying, copying the DNA in the small sample taken, over and over.

Sometimes called ‘molecular photocopying’, PCR is a fast and inexpensive technique used to “amplify” – copy – small segments of DNA. The amplification allows for the requisite amount of DNA required for analysis, and the entire cycle required can be produced in just a few hours using the PCR testing equipment.”

He continued “at this juncture PCR tests are considered the most accurate method of detecting current infection of persons with COVID-19. Samples are collected by placing a swab into the nose and/or throat. Persons who need to do the test can rest assured that the sample collection is painless and that based upon our ability to analyze the samples right here at SAMS, waiting times are significantly reduced. The entire process including results can now be accomplished inside of 24hours. Since our procurement of the equipment we have conducted just short of 100 tests,” he concluded.

At this time Grenada remains a COVID-19 Green Zone. However, persons are strongly recommended, if taking the test for travel purposes, that they ensure they double check all requirements for departure, arrival and re-entry for each individual country.

SAMS requests that persons wishing to have a PCR test, for travel purposes, at least one week ahead to make an appointment so as to avoid disappointment for their required date of departure.


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