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Scotia merger is driving me nuts

I find this merger of Scotiabank and Republic Bank is dragging on too long. Those of us who were Scotiabank customers before the take-over were told repeatedly by government and bank officials that all would go smoothly and our services would not be interrupted. We got nice letters from head office telling us to be patient and look forward to better things. First to say, thank you for the six-month moratorium on the mortgage during this COVID-19 time. With this ease up time about to expire and the mortgage due next month, many of us are getting anxious about being able to deposit cash into our Republic bank account to cover the mortgage or other upcoming charges.

When the ATM machine at Republic Bank Grenville did not provide an envelope to deposit cash, I went into the branch to make my deposit; but the bank officer politely told me that I had to use the ATM as he could not accept cash yet because of the merger.

This is fine when the Scotiabank ATM is working and has envelopes. Bank customers who does not live in Saint George’s are required to travel to the city to deposit cash when the ATM is not working. This is nuts! If your bank or credit card expires, you have to travel to Saint George’s or Grand Anse to collect a new one. This too is nuts!

Please hurry up with this merger Republic Bank and let all your customers have equal access to your services and be able to put our money where we need to when we need to.

Frustrated Republic bank customer


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