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Seamoss harvesters build on roof of Sauteurs Market

While vendors, butchers and visitors to the Sauteurs Market await word on repairs to the building, some seamoss harvesters are constructing racks on the roof to dry their catch.

The Grenadian Voice reported on the state of the building in our June 19 issue, in which Member of Parliament for Saint Patrick West Hon Anthony Boatswain said he was unaware of the situation with the leaking roof; and immediately contacted the Ministry of Works to look into the matter.

This newspaper has followed the plight of the Sauteurs Market users since then, as heavy rains have continued to cause water buildup on the roof and flooding inside the market.

The Sauteurs Market opened in 1997. It was originally designed to become a two-storey structure and the roof was not properly sealed at the time, according to Hon Boatswain. 

As for the seamoss drying racks, he told The Grenadian Voice on Tuesday “we will definitely have to look into that,” as roof and other repairs will be getting underway once the Ministry provides the cost estimate.

Constituency Support Officer for Saint Patrick West Elphrege Phillip said on Tuesday that he is awaiting an estimate from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development for repairs, including plumbing, putting mortar on the roof and a paint “facelift” for the building.

He said an engineer from the Ministry recently conducted a site visit to the market to determine what is required. What is not confirmed is whether the work will be carried out by the Ministry or through Special Projects in the Prime Minister’s Office.

“If it is under Special Projects, we can get the work done quickly, once we have approval,” Phillips said, noting that there are several contractors in the constituency that he can call upon for estimates to submit for approval.

He expects the Ministry will put the cost of the repairs below the $15,000 cut-off for a special project.


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