Small Business woman in Hillsborough tops Business Studies in TAMCC


Heather Adams, who runs a thrift shop in Carriacou, decided to enhance her skills as she embarked on a two-year course in the field of business in 1918-2020 and now holds an Associate Degree with honours.

The decision was made some 30 years after Adams graduated from Bishop’s College. Being in some cases three times older than the average first year student took some courage on her part. “I felt somewhat intimidated by their youthfulness and the fact that many of them had just left school and graduated with ten plus subjects,” she said.

The business woman expressed that getting back to the classroom setting was a humbling experience as she was required to do Home-Work and SBAs which were slightly challenging.

But with a spirit of determination, she was never afraid to ask for help and is now overjoyed and proud of what she was able to achieve. “When I came into TAMCC all I intended to do was to put my best foot forward and to get through it. But I never expected that on completion I would graduate with honours and be awarded for the best performing student in Carriacou and the top performer in Business Studies for Carriacou and Grenada. So, I think it goes without saying that I am extremely elated and proud of myself and what I have been able to achieve.”

The experience, Adams said, was not without challenges, but teamwork helped. “I am not going to make it seem like a walk in the park though, because it wasn’t. Its only by God’s grace that I made it through. …We had this unspoken agreement that no student would be left behind in my class. So, we learnt to work together and assist each other whenever anyone had any difficulties.”

In expressing her joy that everyone in her class completed the courses and qualified to graduate she said “The advice I would give to others is never doubt yourself. Embrace your challenges, surround yourselves with positive people, stay focussed and no matter how hard things might seem, never give up.”


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