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Staging unsanctioned events worries the Government

During the sitting of the Lower House on Friday September 11, Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell expressed his anger and discomfort over the fact that some businesses have been staging unsanctioned events.

The Prime Minister revealed that certain people indicated that they got permission as they initiate activities inconsistent with the regulations. He reiterated that the regulations were put in place to save lives.

He pointed to Carnival activities, parties and jam-packed boat rides as a level of permeating selfishness.

“That some people in this country can do as they want and the poor ones when they break the rule must be disciplined or spoken about if they do the same thing. This Government is not a class Government. It is a Government for all the people,” Dr Mitchell said.

He made it clear that all permissions must come from Cabinet.

In supporting the Prime Minister, Hon Dr Clarice Modeste-Curwen, the Member of Parliament for Saint Mark said, “I held my breath when I saw the mass gatherings for Carnival; but I thank God that we did not get a spike.”

The MP said that our behavior plays a big role in the spread of COVID-19.

Meantime, the Ministry of Health says it is deeply concerned about the growing trend of businesses, establishments and individuals holding unsanctioned social public activities, in direct contradiction with the safety rules and guidelines to protect against COVID-19.

Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Shawn Charles said the thoughtless action by some can reverse the gains the country has made to prevent another outbreak of COVID-19 in Grenada.

Dr Charles, an Epidemiologist by training, said these deliberate acts put the public at risk, in the event that there is a positive case present in these activities. “None of these activities have been sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, none have been granted permission by the Ministry of Health to operate like they have been doing or have done. And therefore, in our opinion, they have violated all of the principles that we have outlined to prevent another outbreak or spread of the virus,” the CMO explained.

“So today we are calling on these businesses and individuals to be more responsible, and to assist the Ministry of Health, the Government of Grenada and the people of this country, by avoiding the conditions that will allow for the spread of COVID-19 on our shores,” the CMO urged.

Health authorities say as the country gradually reopens, established COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols should not be flouted, since this can have serious consequences should there be another outbreak on the island.


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